Social Justice Focus

Actions for Justice at Home and Around the World

San Francisco Presentation Sisters, Associates and Ministry Co-workers strive in our justice endeavors to live and serve with the mind of Nano. We join all Presentation Sisters in the following endeavors.

Justice Committee

The Justice Committee is composed of Sisters and Associates who meet monthly to discuss the works of justice in our various ministries and plan future actions and events. If you would like to receive updates and action alerts from the Justice Committee please contact Sister Pat Davis, Justice Committee Chair, at 415-422-5001 or

Human Trafficking

Sisters and Associates combat human trafficking by serving on diocesan committees and other organizations that offer workshops and educational opportunities for people to get involved, retreats for healing women, and a presence at Safe House in San Francisco. Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco is also a sponsoring member of the monthly "Stop Trafficking!" newsletter by the Salvatorian Sisters. Click here to read the latest issue.

If you would like to learn more about this issue and what you can do to help combat it please visit the following links:


Make a Donation

Your financial support helps us continue our ministries and programs for those made poor.




Our tradition of advocacy and ministry with our immigrant families continues at our sponsored institutions Learning and Loving Education Center in Morgan Hill, The Lantern in San Francisco and at several other sites that provide educational opportunities and outreach to low-income immigrant women and their families. Sisters and Associates also participate in rallies and marches for immigrant and human rights, like the recent Keep Families Together events that were held throughout the Bay Area.

To learn more about issues impacting immigrant and ethnic communities and ways you can become involved please visit the following:

Climate Change

The tragedy of Climate Change involves all of us as a key justice issue. We continue to work towards widespread systemic change and more sustainable living through self-education, community workshops and "computer chair" petition signing. Our Sisters in our Care Center are definitely making a difference. Recently 1000 petitions protesting an increased gas emissions project made their way to the Livermore Lab.

To learn more about Climate Change and actions you can take please visit the following links:

Empowering Those In Need

Nano's spirit is felt through our Sisters' service at St. Marys Center in Oakland where homeless seniors are offered multiple services beyond meals including, some housing, and at St. Anthony's Foundation in San Francisco where those in need are fed, clothed, healed and uplifted. Sisters and Associates also make and distribute lunches for Day Laborers every week through the Day Laborer program hosted at Saint Anthony Parish.

Our sponsored institution, Presentation High School with a student body of almost eight hundred girls, has an ongoing schedule of outreach to various agencies that serve God's poor, a yearly Lenten project that sends thousands of dollars to Nicaragua and Guatemala, immersion trips that provide the girls up close service opportunities with immigrants working in California's farming areas, in our ESL-Literacy Centers, in local homeless centers and dining rooms, and an annual trip to Nicaragua.

Since 1999, Sister Kathleen Curtin, PBVM has been serving as an advisor to the Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist, an indigenous Guatemala Religious Community whose Mother House is located in San Andres Semetabaj, Solola, Guatemala.

The community was founded in 1975 by Sister Tonia Orland, a Sister of the Presentation. Madre Tonia pronounced her perpetual vows as a Missionary Sister of the Eucharist in 1995. She passed away on November 11, 2000.

Since that time the community has grown. The current membership is 36 Perpetually Vowed, 9 with Temporary Vows, 2 Novices, 5 Postulants and 4 Aspirants.

The Sisters are Mayan and speak the languages of their people which makes it possible to serve the Church in the Highlands. They have 9 missions in Guatemala and 1 mission in Houston, Texas serving the homeless there.

One of their nine missions in Guatemala is their home for abandoned elderly women, Nueva Esperanza (New Hope). One of Sister Kathleen's projects is to help with funding. The home is located high in the mountains outside Guatemala City. There are 6 sisters who serve and live there giving loving dignified cared to 17 elderly women who would have died alone in conditions of poverty or on the streets. The home is sustained solely by donations as there are no government resources for the poor elderly.

In 2001, three (3) of the Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist, accompanied by Sister Kathleen Curtin, PBVM, accepted the invitation to serve the homeless at Magnifcat Houses in Houston, Texas. There are now five (5) Sisters who live and serve the one hundred and fifty (150) homeless residents at Magnificat Houses. Loaves and Fishes, a dining room for those who are poor or who live on the street, is also part of the outreach done through Magnificat Houses.

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