Faith Von Minden joined the Sisters of the Presentation in May, 2022 to fill the position of Life Enrichment Coordinator. In this role, they will plan programming and activities for members of the community. Here is Faith’s own story of the path that brought them to the congregation.

June 14, 2022

Happy Summer to all!

Faith Von MindenI grew up in Seminole/Tequesta land colonized as Davie, Florida and have many fond memories of this season (though I am grateful for the milder temperatures I live in now). As a child I grew with a passion for creative and expressive arts and providing service and support to the community. I discovered and was delighted that these two passions worked interconnectedly through the field of creative arts therapies. I attended the University of South Florida where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance with a minor in Psychology. After graduating, I spent my professional career working in therapeutic theatre, theatre production, drama therapy, and education wearing various hats from performer to accessible education teacher to director and more. I found my way to the unceded lands of the Ramaytush and Ohlone (colonized as San Francisco) in August 2018 when I moved to begin pursuing my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies (set to graduate this August!). Since moving here I have been fortunate to work as a teaching artist, mental health trainee/drama therapist trainee, and a life enrichment coordinator (LEC)—a role which I am now delighted to fill at the Motherhouse.

When I interviewed for this position, I was moved and inspired by the collaborative spirit of this organization, the focus on Social Justice and the care each individual has for one another. The role that the Sisters of the Presentation community played in both creating my position and hiring me to fill it spoke clearly to the strong values and intentionality that align so well with my own philosophy of living. I am honored and thrilled to play a small part in the beautiful ecosystem of the Motherhouse. The opportunity to provide service to those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others is one which I humbly accept with gratitude, excitement and sincerity. 

In my role as LEC, I aspire to provide person-centered care to meet the needs and desires of the Sisters and community at large. Through one-one, small and large group activities as well as support for individual and community ventures, my goal is to create a customized program tailored to both enhance the wonderful activities and initiatives in place as well as introduce any desired elements. My experience working with older adults with various stages of dementia and in access-oriented care positions me to provide specific therapeutic interventions to those who may benefit from those services. I look forward to seeing how this role develops as I continue to collaborate with Sisters, community members, leadership and staff.

In gratitude and community,

Faith Von Minden

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Life Enrichment Coordinator
Sisters of the Presentation Motherhouse, San Francisco