Lent, the period of time before Easter when Christians step back from normal routine to examine the path their life is taking, is marked by increased prayer, fasting, and giving to those in need. It is a time of clarifying what is important, by reducing distractions and temptations. It is a gift that brings us to Easter with clean hearts and clear vision.

The Sisters of the Presentation in San Francisco have a Lenten tradition of downsizing items in their physical space. You are invited to join them in visiting different areas of your home to see what is no longer needed, what could be more useful to others, or what requires care beyond its true value.

The flyer below is a schedule for the weeks of Lent that is used by the Presentation Sisters and Associates. It is applicable to a household and to an individual within a household. Feel free to adapt for your own circumstances, and include the family. Follow our Facebook page for specific suggestions each Monday during Lent, www.facebook.com/pbvmsf.

No matter the Lenten practice you embrace, may it be holy and meaningful.