By Kathleen Purcell, Director

Over 100 people gathered at The Lantern Center for the 12th Anniversary Celebration on October 21, 2018. Many others, unable to bet there in person, were very much present in spirit. We celebrated 12 years of dedicated service. We honored Sister Máire Sullivan who was so important over the past 12 years in bringing people together to create a beautiful community. And, we committed ourselves to the future and to one another. The food, prepared by students and teachers was awesome. The music was uplifting. The talks were inspiring, and people were — as always — incredible. The Lantern’s work is to support our immigrant families. The Lantern’s spirit is the love we share. A love that brings us light and hope. A love that brings us together to welcome and embrace “new-comers” as well as “old-comers.” Thank you to all who made this possible and to our growing and beloved community.

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