As with so many celebrations and events during this unprecedented year, the 2020 jubilee celebration that Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco, had planned to commemorate the four remarkable sisters reaching milestones was postponed. We still honor and are thankful for their years of ministry, friendship and religious life.

Please join us in recognizing Sister Patricia Reinhart’s golden jubilee from entrance, August 24, 1970; Sister Margaret Webster’s jubilee of grace from entrance, January 5, 1950; Sister Janet Harris’ jubilee of grace from profession, April 10, 1950; and Sister Bernard Joseph George’s jubilee of grace from profession, July 15, 1950.

Sister Patricia shares other moments where people found hope amidst challenges. We learn of Sister Margaret’s ministry that led her to travel far and wide and meet many people who impacted her life. Sister Janet’s incredible commitment to teenagers in an area where gangs are a reality for youth was chronicled in O Magazine. Sister Bernard’s ministry brought her the opportunity to live with other Presentation Sisters from the US Unit of the Union, creating a lasting bond.

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