The work of our Associate, Pat Cane, continues in Afghanistan. The organization she founded in 1988, Capacitar, is on the ground there helping people deal with the trauma that is their daily reality. 

“Patricia Mathes Cane is a former member of the Sisters of the Presentation San Francisco who is now a congregational associate and a California-based trauma specialist and executive director of the trauma-healing and -training organization Capacitar International.


She continues her work with an Afghan-based, nongovernmental peace group via Zoom, offering therapeutic tools and trauma counseling to Afghans still in Afghanistan that she’d done in person in Kabul before the global pandemic.


In meeting with both groups and individuals, Cane is seeing Afghans, particularly young people, dealing with deep and often-debilitating effects of intergenerational trauma — all in the context of a society beset by decades of war, oppression, military occupations and high-level corruption


Cane’s Afghan colleagues say that with winter coming on, the country is experiencing a grave humanitarian crisis, something confirmed by the United Nations among others


‘The people who need the support are the grassroots people, who right now face starvation,’ she said. ‘That’s the real need.'”

The efforts of religious sisters throughout the United States on behalf of Afghan refugees is making a difference. Read the full article by reporter Chris Herlinger, including this excerpt, at the Global Sisters Report. Learn more about Capacitar at

Photo: CNS/Reuters/Kevin Lamarque