“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

-Antoine de Saint Exupery
“The Little Prince”

Bobbi’s journey of the heart began on Labor Day, September 4, 1944, when she was born to John and Mary Green in Gilroy, California. She only met her daddy when she was one-year-old, as he was in combat in Europe during World War II. Three years later her sister Patty was born.

St. Mary Parish and School were a central part of her early years, as it was for her mom and her siblings, her sister and cousins, all graduates of St. Mary School. It was also the beginning of her contact with Presentation Sisters. Sister Mary Sylvia Hamilton was her teacher for 7th and 8th grades, as well as her principal. Bobbi was the “sacristan” for the Sisters’ daily Mass. Sister Rosina Conrotto was her childhood babysitter. Little did she know then that God’s plan for her was with Presentation.

Her education continued at Gilroy High School. She was involved in sports and student government, and was a life member of California Scholarship Federation. She spent summers working at the migrant camps in Gilroy.

Bobbi loved working with children. “Listening to my heart, I decided to pursue a degree in elementary education at Chico State University.” College days were filled with studies, social events, dating, and Newman Club activities. Contact with Presentation was still very much alive through her friendships with Sister Miriam Joseph Farrell and Sister Rose Mare Saint Germain (later Sister Chiara Marie, Poor Clare).

Sister Bobbi Green with parents at 25th Jubilee

Her response to a loving God led to the start of her official journey with Presentation when she entered the community on August 17, 1968. Her final profession was at St. Mary Church on November 26, 1977.

“Heart stops” along Sister Bobbi’s teaching journey were at St. Christopher in San Jose, Epiphany in San Francisco, St. Columba in Oakland, St. Teresa in San Francisco, St. Benedict in Montebello (teacher and then co-principal), St. Christopher in San Jose (principal), and back to St. Mary in Gilroy. “I carry thousands of beautiful footprints on my heart.”

Many summers during her St. Benedict years were spent attaining a Reading Specialist Certificate at Holy Names College in Oakland. “This enabled me to offer students various tools useful for their learning process.”

An important element of Sister Bobbi’s journey has been her love of music. This began at the age of two, when she would sing with her grandmother as she played the piano. While at Chico State, she taught herself how to play the guitar. Jaime (her red guitar) has been her heart-companion since 1968! She continues to compose music, play, and sing at school, church and community gatherings.

Other significant interests include being a diehard fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants. She enjoys country music, doing latch hook rugs, reading, and traveling. Time with family and friends is precious to her. Native American spirituality is also close to her heart.

Although she has just recently retired from official teaching, she still enjoys teaching the little children. She volunteers with the First Grade at St. Mary School in Gilroy. She personally began her education there at St. Mary’s, and she continues to bless the children with her teaching, the sharing of her faith, her “Gospel according to Sister Bobbi,” and music and singing with her companion Jaime. Sister Bobbi says of her teaching the young children, “They are my little mystics. They constantly challenge me to be childlike, open, trusting, prayerful, honest and loving.”

Music, teaching, St. Mary’s, and her Presentation Community have been significant parts of her journey from childhood days up until now. Sister Bobbi shares, “I am truly blessed with my Presentation community. Each step of the journey has been God-filled and Spirit-gifted. I pray that I continue to grow in prayer, in gratitude and in love. May I always remember to live: ‘What is truly essential is seen with the heart.’”


1968 – 1969 Teacher, St. Christopher School, San Jose
1970 – 1971 Teacher, Epiphany School, San Francisco
1971 – 1973 Teacher, St. Columba School, Oakland
1973 – 1974 Teacher, St. Teresa School, San Francisco
1974 – 1978 Teacher, St. Benedict School, Montebello
1978 – 1985 Teacher/Administrator, St. Benedict School, Montebello
1985 – 1986 Reading Specialist, St. Mary School, Gilroy
1986 – 1988 Principal, St. Christopher School, San Jose
1988 – 1989 Teacher, St. Mary School, Gilroy
1989 – 1990 Teacher, St. Catherine School, Morgan Hill and St. Mary School, Gilroy
1990 – 2013 Teacher, St. Mary School, Gilroy
2013 – 2014 Resource Teacher/Religion Coordinator, St. Mary School, Gilroy
2014 – 2020 Resource Teacher, St. Mary School, Gilroy
2020 – 2021 Reading Resource Teacher, St. Mary School, Gilroy
2021 – 2022 Volunteer, St. Mary School, Gilroy