On January 5, 2020, the Associates held their annual Epiphany Day Celebration.  This year, Loretta Nekota chaired the event.  She planned a day both serious and fun.  On the serious side, we all shared mass in the Chapel.  In keeping with the theme of the journey of the Magi to find Jesus, Associate Pat Hageman reflected on her faith journey.  Associate Jane Hetherington led us in prayer on the same theme.

After a delicious brunch served by Genaro Olivas and staff, the birthday party for Jesus began.  Associate Sionie del Rosario laid Jesus in his manger while we all welcomed him by singing Happy Birthday.  The singing of all our favorite Christmas Carols followed. 

Each year a charity talks about their work.  In the spirit of Magi’s gifts, contributions are made to support the charity.  This year it was the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund, which works to support the education of young women in Guatemala.  Associate Kay Sweeney, who leads the Fund, shared a video showing their work.

Not to leave anyone out, Loretta had gifts wrapped for everyone.  Associates Jane Hetherington, May Barisone, and Tina Panelli acted as helpers to distribute the gifts.  We played our annual Left/Right game passing the gifts back and forth when we heard the words left or right in the nativity story.   Associate Pat Hageman read the story.  When we were able to open our gifts, we found chocolate from the Philippines.

It was a celebration to remember.  Associate Loretta Nekota was thanked for her great planning.  We are all looking forward to next year!