The Lantern Center Image Galleries

The Lantern Center (La Linterna) Image Galleries

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Making Tamales for Candelaria

Some cook while some care for toddlers and babies as we prepare for our Candelaria/Candlemas Celebration on February 3, 2020.

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Afternoon Activities for Families

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English Classes

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In 2018-2019 The Lantern Center has held workshops on the following topics:

  • Leadership 
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Health Care Resources with Clinic by the Bay
  • Workers Rights with Mujures Unidas y Activas
  • Housing with Mission Economic Development Agency (co-led by one of the Lantern students)
  • Peer Sharing on Education and Recreation Resources

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13th Anniversary Celebration

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2019 Halloween and Day of the Dead Celebrations

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Literacy Champions Obstacle Course

These are photos from a special early literacy and child development program that peer leaders — Spanish speaking moms — have been running for other mothers and caregivers of toddlers.  In these photos, they used the furniture to create an obstacle course so the children could have an adventure and develop motor control and self confidence — just using what is at hand.

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2019 Mother’s Day Celebration

On Mother’s Day, Diane came and made jewelry with our moms, and Francisco brought his key board for background, sing-a-long and dancing, and we enjoyed a celebration lunch.  

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Last Day of Spring 2019 Classes

On the last day, students and volunteers received certificates and everyone said a few words in our sharing circle. We also had a simple lunch that became a feast when Flora arrived with 4 dozen tamales she had spent the last 2 days making.

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