Sponsored Institutions

The Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco sponsor two institutions in California: The Lantern Center for Hospitality and Education (La Linterna) in San Francisco, and Presentation High School in San Jose. Scroll down to learn more.

The Lantern Center

3106 Folsom Street, San Francisco, 94110

The Lantern Center for Hospitality and Education was founded in 2006 as a ministry of The Sisters of The Presentation. Since then, a staff composed almost entirely of volunteers has worked closely with immigrant families to create a beautiful, welcoming, and supportive community. Our participants are mostly Spanish speaking women – many mothers and grandmothers—struggling to meet the needs of their families. Our programs and offerings are based upon what our participants tell us they need and want. All programs are free of charge.

Before the pandemic, the Lantern offered English language classes four days a week, a computer class, and an after school program with teen volunteers running activities for children and families. Committed to nurturing leadership among our immigrant women, the Lantern initiated workshops, talking circles and a program committee where our women could share their experiences, express their views, and set the direction of our programs. We also often gathered around meals and meal preparation, cherished times of community and celebration.

Since the pandemic, our English classes and talking circles have shifted to Zoom and telephone. Spanish speaking volunteers do weekly telephone check-ins with our families. As many of our families lost work and income, The Lantern stepped in and since March has been providing aid, including two $500 gifts to about 30 families and monthly rent assistance to a smaller number of families. Approximately every two weeks we distribute Costco goods, art supplies, food, clothing, etc. Our families are enormously grateful.

The Lantern fills a small but valuable niche in the network of organizational supports available to immigrant families.  It is therefore, with great sadness, that we face the need to close at the end of March 2021. When the Sisters determined that they could not continue to sponsor The Lantern after March 2021, it appeared that another organization would be able to step in and take over; however, with the pandemic and accompanying economic crisis, that plan cannot go forward.   Thus, the facility and organizational structure will close in March. We are actively looking for ways to continue the spirit of community and the Lantern legacy of support for immigrant families without a building or an organizational structure.

For more information, contact Kathleen Purcell kpurcell@pbvmsf.org

Presentation High School

2281 Plummer Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95125

The roots of Presentation High School are deeply planted in the heritage and ministry of the Sisters of the Presentation. Strengthened and challenged by that heritage and dedicated to the ministry of secondary education, the Sisters of the Presentation responded to the needs of the rapidly growing and developing Santa Clara Valley.

In 1962, Presentation High School, a Catholic four year high school for young women, was opened. Built in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, the first seventy students graduated in 1966.

Since then, over 4,000 young women have benefited from the excellent education provided at Presentation High School and they have become productive, vital, and ethical members of their communities, work places, and families.

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