Sponsored Institutions

The Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco sponsor three institutions in California: The Lantern Center for Hospitality and Education (La Linterna) in San Francisco, Learning and Loving Education Center in Morgan Hill, and Presentation High School in San Jose. Scroll down to learn more.

The Lantern Center

3106 Folsom Street, San Francisco, 94110

The Lantern Center offers hospitality, language classes and other supports for immigrant families. Adult volunteers teach English language Monday through Thursday mornings.  Computer classes and citizenship preparation are also available. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, teen volunteers run activities for children and families. Parents may join the activities or use this time for English practice and computer learning.  Access to computers is readily available.  View the 2019-2020 class schedule.

The Lantern is also a place where people know they can come to share their joys and troubles, find support and celebrate together. We often have food, clothing and other necessary items on hand to distribute to our families.  The Lantern works in collaboration with other organizations that offer resources and supports for our immigrant community. 

If you would like to help please contact Kathleen Purcell, Director, at 415-401-7379 or kpurcell@pbvmsf.org to learn about current volunteer opportunities. Read more about the Lantern Center’s programs in the latest issue of the Lantern Lore Newsletter!

The Learning and Loving Education Center

16890 Church Street #16, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the closure of the Learning and Loving Education Center with our friends, donors and supporters.

As the LLEC is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Presentation, the Sisters’ Leadership Team who function as the LLEC Board of Directors has decided that The Learning and Loving Education Center will not reopen this fall. After 27 years, the Center is closing primarily due to major short term and long-term sustainability concerns. Of course, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this decision with its incumbent ramifications.

We had hoped that even with the pandemic, we would be able to open; however, in looking at the finances, the size and capacity of the Center, the students’ ability to be successful with distance learning because of inadequate resources, and the fact that the preschool is too limited in size to open, there was no other realistic decision.

Therefore, we anticipate that the Center will close near the end of our fiscal year which is September 30. We are sorry that we could only communicate this information now; however, our consideration of the effects of the continuing pandemic took place before making this important decision.

Thank you for all you have done for the Center and for its women and children. You have touched the lives of over 4,000 immigrant women and their families. We could not have made this impact without you. We appreciate your sacrifice for and support of the Center.

Presentation High School

2281 Plummer Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95125

The roots of Presentation High School are deeply planted in the heritage and ministry of the Sisters of the Presentation. Strengthened and challenged by that heritage and dedicated to the ministry of secondary education, the Sisters of the Presentation responded to the needs of the rapidly growing and developing Santa Clara Valley.

In 1962, Presentation High School, a Catholic four year high school for young women, was opened. Built in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, the first seventy students graduated in 1966.

Since then, over 4,000 young women have benefited from the excellent education provided at Presentation High School and they have become productive, vital, and ethical members of their communities, work places, and families.

Click on the button below to learn more about Presentation High School and how you can support their mission.