Anticipation of a happy occasion can be both exciting and excruciating. For fifteen Sisters waiting to mark a combined 930 years of being professed religious, it seemed that the day would never arrive, having been postponed for some twice already due to the restrictions of the Covid pandemic. Therefore, spirits were high at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco, on April 24, the day of the 2022 Jubilees celebration. With attendance limited, masking, vaccinations, and social distancing in place, the Jubilarians and their friends and family and Presentation Sisters prayed together at Mass and then enjoyed a time of conversation, laughter and reconnection, and a festive meal.

Mass in the Motherhouse chapel was celebrated by Rev. Michael McCarthy, S.J., with music accompaniment by Mr. Frank Uranich of St. Agnes Church music ministry. In his homily, Fr. McCarthy said “It is so clear that God has been totally present in your lives. It is as if the Lord is revealing himself to the rest of us through who you are, Jubilarians; through the graces that you have both individually and collectively received over the years, through the hardships and the sufferings that you have endured, and all the good works and all the people that you have touched for 930-plus years.”

Congratulations to all our Jubilarians!

Front row: Sister Bernard Joseph George, Sister Teresa Gormally, Sister Janet Harris.
Middle row: Sister Kathleen Curtin, Sister Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Green, Sister Rosina Conrotto, Congregation President Sister Michele Anne Murphy, Sister Ann Conlon, Congregation Councilor Sister Paula Baker.
Back row: Sister Katherine Jones, Sister Sylvia Llerena, Sister Joan Riordan, Sister Virginia King, Sister Patricia ‘Pati’ Reinhart.


Jubilee of Grace from Entrance
Sister Rachel Pinal, PBVM (January 2, 1952)
Sister Virginia King, PBVM (June 30, 1952)
Sister Kathleen Curtin, PBVM (November 20, 1952)

Jubilee of Grace from Profession
Sister Margaret Webster, PBVM (August 16, 1952)

Diamond Jubilee from Entrance
Sister Ann Conlon, PBVM (September 1, 1962)

Diamond Jubilee from Profession
Sister Rosina Conrotto, PBVM (June 23, 1962)


Jubilee of Grace from Entrance
Sister Joan Riordan, PBVM (July 1, 1951)
Sister Katherine Jones, PBVM (July 1, 1951)
Sister Teresa Gormally, PBVM (September 24, 1951)

Golden Jubilee from Profession
Sister Roberta Green, PBVM (August 20, 1971)

Ruby Jubilee from Entrance
Syster Sylvia Llerena, PBVM (September 8, 1981)
Sister Stephanie Still, PBVM (September 8, 1981)


Golden Jubilee from Entrance
Sister Patricia Reinhart, PBVM (August 24, 1970)

Jubilee of Grace from Profession
Sister Janet Harris, PBVM (April 10, 1950)
Sister Bernard Joseph George, PBVM (July 15, 1950)


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