Join the Sisters and Associates for an inspirational, educational, and encouraging presentation by four panelists who inspire us. These are individuals we have worked alongside and admired for their dedication to many of the same ideals we embrace: justice, human rights, and respect for all. Kathleen Purcell, formerly the Executive Director of the Sisters’ Lantern Center in San Francisco, will moderate this question-and-answer session. Anticipated panelists:

Nadine Calligiuri, foundress of Handicapables, San Francisco. The mission of Handicapables, established in 1965, is to give shut-ins and handicapped people an opportunity for monthly mass, lunch and general fellowship. Nadine was the recipient of the Immaculata Award in 1998, the highest honor bestowed by St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Janet Librers-Leach, former Development Director of Learning & Loving Education Center, Morgan Hill. Janet also founded an elementary school in Ghana after learning from her (Ghana-born) pastor about the scarcity of educational options there, and most recently was instrumental in the establishment of a Peace Memorial in Morgan Hill. 

Larry Purcell, founder of Catholic Worker House in Redwood City. Part of the national Catholic Worker movement, the Redwood City House has been addressing the needs of those made poor since 1975, providing a network of services to facilitate employment, housing, literacy, and meeting basic needs. Among his many volunteers have been several Presentation Sisters.

Joyce Scotlan, advocate for racial justice and equity. Joyce is a member of the Diocese of Oakland Task Force for Racial Justice, and a parishioner and staff member of Saint Columba parish in Oakland.

Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Presentation Motherhouse, San Francisco

The event is open to the public via livestream at

Sponsored by the Justice Committee of the Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco