By Kay Sweeney, Associates Program Facilitator

On March 7, 2020, at their annual retreat at San Damiano Retreat Center in Danville, California, the Associates present honored Earlene Dutton on her 20-year anniversary as an Associate. Sr. Anita Torres, PBVM, invested her with a stole with the motto, Not Words, but Deeds. Everyone present had written her a special note. Rosalie Cabrera gathered them together and presented them to her (pictured). The group ended by singing the beautiful blessing for her that follows.

May the Lord, Mighty God,

Bless and Keep you forever.

Grant you peace.

Perfect peace,

And courage in every endeavor.

Lift up your eyes and see his face,

And keep grace forever.

May the Lord, Mighty God,

Bless and keep you forever.

Earlene has been connected to the Presentation Community since high school. She attended their boarding school in Berkeley, California. In later years, she worked with Sr. Marilyn Medau, PBVM, at St. Mary’s Center in Oakland, California. She organized the Christmas program for the preschoolers there. She even had to stand in for Santa one year. This was only one of the many things she did to support the program. Recently, when they needed groceries because of the pandemic, she answered the call. Earlene can always be counted on to be ready to do whatever needs to be done! She was surprised, and appreciated being honored.