By: Kathey Valenzuela, Presentation Associate (pictured)

I have prepared a few thoughts during these troubling times, and yes, we are discovering new ways to use the Socratic Method that transcends Zoom.

My ministry and participating with Presentation Sisters/Associates continues by:

  • Continuing to hold the position of Treasurer for the Friends of the Presentation Sisters Fundraiser events in Los Angeles
  • Attending conferences/receptions when scheduled
  • Participating in the monthly spiritual reading group
  • Volunteering in the Accelerate Academic Program (ACCT2)
  • Volunteering on the Biden campaign (2/20 to present)

Due to unforeseeable circumstances this year, the committee had to cancel the annual fundraiser in April 2020. Despite the alumnae cancellation, we were still able to donate funds for the Sisters General Fund. Part of my administrative responsibilities is overseeing the budget, accounts/financial statements to the committee, hosting the monthly meetings at my home, and communicating with alumnae via zoom, texting, return calls or email when necessary. This will be my sixth year fulfilling the duties of Treasurer on behalf of the “Friends of the Presentation Sisters.”

On March 13, there was a need for staff members to volunteer (ACCT2) and help our student population regroup and learn how to use the online “Schoology” application to complete their academic training and Career Technical Programs. I have been training, counseling, and mentoring students in the evenings and weekends to help these students complete their employment training. It has been challenging because students lack resources such as internet access, laptops, and the environment to study and complete the coursework. I do enjoy the experience of counseling and helping these students by providing them with resources and professional help. Sometimes, I feel as though I am #311 mental hotline; however, it feels rewarding to help by listening to their problems and being there during their time of need during the Pandemic. It’s a tough time for everyone, especially for the students who lack the support system and motivation to move forward with their personal goals and dreams.

I find it rewarding to participate as a volunteer for the Biden/Harris Campaign by participating in weekly zoom meetings for updates of the election polls and make calls across the United States. This election will be one of the most critical campaigns I have ever work on because of the lack of leadership our country has lost. Part of my ministry is to be involved with the community and help wherever I can, and voting is not enough; engagement is necessary.

It’s been terrific participating in the Zoom receptions, spiritual reading groups, and conferences arranged for the Associates and the Presentation Sisters. I am grateful for the relationships and friendships I have gained and the commonalities we all share in our ministry by serving the Presentation Sisters of San Francisco. It’s truly “God’s Blessing” to move forward in our mission and work together to meet our goals successfully.