Association is a way of sharing in the spirit of Nano Nagle and the energy of Presentation women with the Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco. To learn about the program including how to become an Associate please scroll down or contact Kay Sweeney, (650) 738-9551 or To catch up on all the latest Associates Program newsclick here to read the latest issue of the newsletter.


Purpose and Mission

As the life of the church and of the world changes so, too, does the number of vowed women religious. What does not change are the needs of the poor and marginalized. What remains is the need for justice and compassion as expressed through the unique gifts of communities of women religious. The purpose of Presentation Association is to provide opportunities for non-vowed persons to further the work of the Gospel in the Spirit of Nano Nagle and in light of the charism of the Sisters of the Presentation. We recognize that Jesus and Nano have modeled that “call” includes communal spiritual growth and outward action based on the Gospels. It is the long-term goal that the flame of Nano’s lantern, which sought out the vulnerable and downtrodden in the darkest and desolate places and offered them hope to live fully, will be carried by these Associates and their Sister companions well into the future.


We, as Presentation Associates, stand in partnership with the Sisters of the Presentation, who share in the charism of their foundress, Nano Nagle. We reach out in faith in a spirit of hospitality, compassion and simplicity to all of creation. The cry of those made poor and the cry of the earth call us to continue the mission of Jesus to bring forth a sustainable society founded on respect for the earth, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace. We, too, commit ourselves as Presentation women and men to deepen our passion for those made poor and for all of creation. In our work for justice, we nurture a contemplative stance in keeping with our Presentation identity. Further we commit ourselves to strengthen the quality of our relationship to and partnership with other Presentation women and men to further Nano’s vision.

Who Can Become an Associate?

Association provides opportunities for adult Christians to live out their Christian commitment in a more focused way in their daily circumstance. It enables them to participate in the spiritual, communal and ministerial life of the Sisters of the Presentation providing ways to share ideas and values and to collaborate in bringing the Good News to the poor and to work for justice and peace in the Spirit of Nano Nagle. The program is open to women and men of the Christian faith who seek a deeper experience of Jesus Christ and the Gospel and who wish to engage with the Sisters of the Presentation in a common search for spiritual growth and service to others.

Commitment and Responsibilities

Associates are expected to participate in ministries that reflect the Presentation mission in the following ways:

  • Spritual Growth
  • Education
  • Prayer
  • Action of Justice, Peace and Creation

Associates are expected to participate in sponsored activities of both the Presentation Sisters and Associates.

Financial support is encouraged but not mandatory. Associates are financially independent and the congregation does not assume responsibility for their material welfare. In turn, the congregation does not depend upon the Associates.

Benefits for Sisters and Associates

There is participation in spiritual gatherings, including prayer days, a yearly weekend retreat, reflection and prayer groups for mutual support, and justice days. Associates are welcome and encouraged to participate in Congregational celebrations, Community days and some Chapter sessions. Associates give service at Presentation sponsored ministries, e.g. volunteer time at the Learning and Loving Education Center, the Lantern Center for Hospitality and Education, the Day Laborers Program and the Presentation Motherhouse.

Sisters deeply value the commitment and dedication of the Associates in their support of the mission of Nano Nagle. They appreciate the gifts and life experiences that Associates bring to the congregation, as well as the entire Church. They feel especially blessed by the rich friendships that have grown out of this, of being Presentation Family.

The Associate program consists of an invitation process, orientation process, on-going formation, and a yearly evaluation. Associates and vowed religious of the Congregation commit to invite their volunteers, former students, family members, and anyone else to become Associates. To begin the invitation process please click on the button below or send an inquiry stating your interest in the program to Upon receipt of your inquiry, the Associate team will:

  • Send you an Application Packet
  • Receive and Process your Completed Application
  • Set an Interview with the Inquiry Committee
  • Inquiry Committee Chair will Implement the Year-Long Orientation Process
  • Ending in a Discernment Retreat