As a little girl after finishing her chores and homework, Jane would gaze at the world map on her bedroom wall and dreamed of the countries she hoped to visit one day. Growing up in Passaic, New Jersey she got bitten by the wanderlust bug at an early age and it has stayed with her all her life.

Her second dream was to become a Nun, to serve others by sharing the faith, and helping in whatever and wherever God would send her. But being the only girl and the youngest (two older brothers) her parents did not approve and did not support her decision.

After fulfilling her first dream by serving with the Red Cross Volunteers in Korea, she moved to the West Coast from New Jersey to study Theology at the University of San Francisco. One of her professors, Fr. Frank McNulty, offered her a job to teach Religion at Presentation High School. It was there that she met the Presentation Sisters.

Jane, as a teacher, devised a curriculum based on Moral Theology and Environmental Ethics; making her students learn how to think and what the consequences of their choices (now known as “carbon footprint”) might be. Her emphasis was “to teach respect for creation,” in all they did. At the time the Ecology Movement or Green Revolution (mid ‘60s – ‘70s) introduced the US to recycling as the landfills were starting to reach capacity. She really “enjoyed her teaching years” at Presentation HS.

Since she was already doing Nano Nagle’s work, she was invited to become an Associate. She has been an Associate since 1995.

For a period of  “6 wonderful years,” Jane lived at the Presentation Center in Los Gatos while she taught high school. It was “a holy place, almost close to paradise.”

The camaraderie, fellowship and spiritual life she had with the Sisters fed her soul at the right time in her life.

For Jane, the experience was as close as she would ever become to being a Nun (including having to rush home from school/work and complete her daily duties). She is “forever grateful” to have been blessed with being allowed to live there.

As an Associate she has participated in the Justice Congregational Committee’s (Chair Sr. Pat Davis) endeavors, and once gave a talk at their Justice Day workshop on “How Green Must We Be,” making the point that most people fail to relate being green with the food they eat. (Once a teacher-always a teacher!)

Jane had one more country to visit to appease her wanderlust bug – IRELAND! She is very proud and humbled to have walked the paths that Nano Nagle took in her town of Ballygriffin, enjoying her quiet walks along the Blackwater River contemplating what Nano’s thoughts must have been. Jane stayed at Nano Nagle’s Place in Cork for 6 months and “earned her keep” by working (volunteering) in Reception, giving tours and doing whatever was asked of her. It was “a magical time.”

Jane has been active in Church Ministry at her local parish and was part of the Choir. It was “a wonderful parish and just the right size” for her as it was small enough so everyone knew each other. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic it was closed down and the services are now being held at a bigger Church with no choir. She continues to serve and helps when asked. She is active with Associate gatherings via Zoom and always shares her wisdom.

It is hard to summarize a life rich in service, and in sharing the faith, to others in one page as is Jane’s. This writer only highlighted significant points she felt were in the spirit of Nano Nagle; that of Education and Action for Creation.