Three young women in India have hope for the future with our help. One of our Associates, Nanette Miller, works with the the Diocese of Miao in northern India and has this report on the use of funds provided these girls through the annual “Easter Egg Grants” funded through our Easter appeal.

The area of this diocese is very poor. Families struggle; children, and especially girls, often do not have the opportunity for education. These grants provided sewing machines and training for three such young women.

Miss Christina is from a poor farmer’s family. She is now sewing clothing for children at a hostel, and reports that the machine is a great help to her family financially.

Miss Jyoti is actually sheltered at the training center, having lost her father at an early age and with a mother who cannot care for her due to a significant developmental disability. She arrived at the center illiterate and vulnerable, but is now receiving basic general education as well as training. The machine will give her financial stability.

Miss Nyagem dropped out of school at grade 9. The training and machine allow her to now help her family financially; it is easy for her to earn money by sewing clothes.

A Sister of the diocese says, “We are grateful to you, Nanette, for thinking of us and assisting these poor ones. Our special love and greetings to you and all those who have helped us.”

Educating the young without access to school was a founding principle of the Sisters of the Presentation. We are dismayed that the global need continues to be so great, and thankful for those who partner with us to make a difference. Nanette and those who contributed to the Easter Appeal are changing lives in India right now; the positive effects will continue to spread through these families and communities.