San Francisco Presentation sisters and friends concluded the yearlong celebration of the 300th anniversary of Nano Nagle’s birth by using community funding to co-sponsor a Christmas Eve dinner served to close to 3,000 guests at St. Anthony’s Dining Room in downtown San Francisco. This was the inspiration of Sister Rosina Conrotto, PBVM, who, along with other Presentation Sisters, joined the serving staff that day. Their smiles and welcoming hearts ensured that Nano’s spirit of compassionate service and hospitality permeated the entire event. 

Additionally, in the Fall 2018 edition of the Presentation Alumnae Newsletter, graduates of our three formerly owned high schools were invited to send signed Christmas cards as well as to make a donation of socks for men, women and children to be distributed at various centers that serve the poor. There was a generous response! About 1,500 people, including Day Laborers, students at Presentation Lantern Center in San Francisco, participants at St. Mary’s Senior Center in Oakland, CA, visitors at Martha’s Kitchen in San Jose, CA and residents in San Francisco County Jail were gifted with socks, warm messages and promises of prayer!