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True to the motto of Sisters of the Presentation, Not Words but Deeds,
Presentation Volunteers seek to welcome, nurture, teach, advocate
for and serve God’s people.

Get started today! 
Simply fill out and submit the Volunteer Form.
For further information contact, Cathy Pickerel, Volunteer Coordinator,
cpickerel@presentationmh.org, (415) 422-5001.

Pillow Project Kicks Off!

By Rosana Madrigal, Director of Communications,  Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco

Presentation Sisters and friends show off their heart shaped pillows.


When Volunteer Coordinator, Cathy Pickerel asked the San Francisco Motherhouse Sisters, if they would like to take on another sewing project, (last year, they made pillow cases.) their response was without hesitation.  Yes!  This one would involve making heart-shaped pillows, just like last time, to give to children Sister Bernice Gotelli ministers to at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California, as well as to women in safe houses and shelters.  Volunteer Karen Santiago was called upon for technical assistance.  She arrived on June 8 with forty hearts in a variety of fabrics, ready to be stuffed and finished. Volunteer Enis Amato added a few more - even a couple in the shapes of a duck and a choo-choo.  As the group of volunteers and Sisters began stuffing pillows, hand stitching the closures and adding beribboned tags (“Especially for you from the Sisters of the Presentation and their friends”), they wondered how long the whole process would take.  Surprisingly, in less than an hour and a half, they were able to enjoy the fruits of their labor!  Two more work sessions will be scheduled before distributing the pillows during the Christmas season.


Sister Maryann  Healy (left) and Sister Eileen Canelo (right)
stitch the pillows with care.

Sister Corinne Avila (left) and Sister Merie Louise Sandstrom (right)
work intensely on the pillows.




'Tis the season for volunteers to share the Christmas spirit with the Sisters of the Motherhouse!
By Cathy Pickerel

On December 1, 2012, Melissa Driscoll Brilliant (SF 1990) and her son Jack, Ann Cooney (is she the same as Anita Cooney Reynolds, SF 1971?), Carole Noonan (Saint Agnes, Class of 1951), Jeanette Rasor (no record) and Karen Santiago (see photo above) decorated the Presentation Motherhouse, in San Francisco. Christmas reds and greens, golds and blues, adorned hallways and shared spaces on all three floors by the time they finished. Since many Sisters attended the Congregational meeting at the University of San Francisco that day, they were pleasantly surprised to see the transformation on their return that afternoon.

Just two weeks later, on December 15th, Presentation volunteer, Karen Santiago returned to the Motherhouse, armed with freshly baked gingerbread cookies of various shapes, frosting and piping bags, a rainbow of sprinkles and even an easily washable plastic tablecloth. Her mission? To guide willing Sisters through the process of decorating those cookies.

Karen Santiago helps Sister Doris Cavanaugh, PBVM, decorate a candy cane.

Decorating Christmas gingerbread cookies from left to right are Sister Helen Matosich, PBVM; Sister Eileen Diggins, PBVM, Sister Antoinette Martinez, PBVM; and Sister Michele O’Connor, PBVM.

The Sisters took to the task of decorating the gingerbread cookies with glee. There were gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, ornaments, snowflakes, rocking horses, candy canes and even a train engine with cars covering the trays at the end of the session -- decorated with icing and speckled with edible glitter!

Sister Carl Fischer, PBVM, carefully adds red sprinkles to the gingerbread cookies.

 Sister Eileen Diggins, PBVM, picked yellow sprinkles for her batch of Christmas goodies.

Sister Jane Kelly, PBVM delicately places icing on a gingerbread cookie.

A sampling of the dozens of Christmas treats.

The gingerbread cookies went to the SafeHouse* residents and staff!  As well as to The Lantern (a Presentation Literacy Center for Immigrants) just in time for their Christmas party on December 18th!

(*Safehouse is a clean and sober living community that empowers homeless women leaving prostitution.)

For more details on how to volunteer contact Cathy Pickerel, Volunteer Coordinator, at cpickerel@presentationmh.org, or (415) 422-5001.

Volunteer Opportunities are many and varied.

They help beautify the Presentation Convent.

Volunteers play BINGO with the Sisters.

There are sewing projects.

There are fieldtrips to Golden Gate Park!

There is reading to the Sisters.

There is helping in the Motherhouse Library.

There is simply visiting with the Sisters.

A growing need is driving the Sisters to volunteer activities, doctors appointments and more!

Get started today! 
Simply fill out and submit the Volunteer Form

For more details on how to volunteer with PRESENTATION VOLUNTEERS,
Cathy Pickerel, Volunteer Coordinator, at cpickerel@presentationmh.org, (415) 422-5001.

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